Sunday, March 07, 2010

Stolen goods

Hrm, I seem to only blog here when I get stuff stolen. I may change this sometime and blog interesting stuff, but still...

My car was broken into last night in Harpenden - St Nicolas Avenue - apparently the 2nd incidence of this in a week. Just my TomTom in the glove box (I have a bracket screwed to the dash so it's obvious I guess) and my ipod (it's fairly old so I don't hide it) were taken.

In case anyone finds these things on ebay / from a guy down the pub I thought I'd record serial nubmers, etc here.

Ipod 4th Generation Classic 60 Gb
Serial number = 8M74658BY5N
Purchase date 1 Jan 2008

TomTom GO 940 Live
Device Code = AKUHEBSN7N
Serial number = WB5418K03038
Purchase date: 11 Jan 2009

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