Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Resizing itunes windows

I frequently use different size external monitors and sometimes (quite often) my iTunes window ends up the wrong size such that I can't drag the bottom-right handle.

I was about to write myself an AppleScript to resize the window to a fixed (small) size when I found this post, which answered the problem:

OPTION-CLICK on the green resize button. Done.

One thing I am beginning to get annoyed by with Apple is the undocumented (or hard-to-find) features that make things so much more usable!


alejandra said...


I;m trying to increase the size of the Itunes window to fit 4 monitors but it stops near the 2000px.

any idea on how could I change this.
BTW im on a PC with vista.

Christian Ashby said...

Sorry I have no idea - this isn't what I was posting about - 2000px is huge for iTunes though; I'd imagine it's fairly useless bigger than that.