Thursday, June 26, 2008

Attempted robbery

So I was on my morning constitutional this morning in my en-suite in shiny new house in Royston, when I heard a noise. Opened the window and looked out to see a guy trying to break into the kitchen window with my garden shears, which he'd taken from the box in the garden.

I called the police, and grabbed my mobile to try to get a pic of him, but by the time I'd got downstairs he'd legged it, leaving the shears on the path by the house. The police arrived before I'd got off the phone to 999, and started a search, which involved 3 cars and a helicopter (the Chief in Royston is keen on robberies as numbers have been going up). SOCO then arrived, took my finger/palm prints, took my shears away for forensics, and the police took me on a drive-through identification to see if the robber was someone they'd found matching his description; we don't think he was.

They have a suspect who was caught in Hitchin with a similar MO, so we'll see - it'll take at least a few weeks to get the evidence together.

Moral of the story is: Lock windows, double glazing is good, and keep doors locked when in the house as well. Also don't keep tools accessible in the garden (I wouldn't have if the damn movers had arrived when they said they would on Monday to collect the boxes that are cluttering the garage...)

I'm fine, nothing got stolen, so life goes on. Not a nice welcome to new house, though I'm really impressed by the superb police response.
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