Friday, April 18, 2008

Of shiny things, problems, life and everything

Well, it's been a while, again. Busy. I'm typing this sat in a pub in Birmingham (well, Solihull) having been at a client site all day (and yesterday). Back on Monday - staying in a hotel 'cos I can't be bothered to commute down the A14 AGAIN for Tuesday - yey for Hotels, or something.

Work's been a bit of a mare to be honest. If someone says they'll do something, you should be able to trust them to do it. When it's not been done, and the deadline is that morning, it's really frustrating. I've spent the week catching up and making amends. Means other deadlines and deliverables are piling up - bah. Words needs to be had - lots of words - and hopefully actions too... We'll see. Comments have been made, some involving ultimatums. Hopefully the point is heard.

That said, things are now going well, and being back 'in the field' as it were - working on a client site is quite nice, and this particular client is fun to work with, and I get a free lunch / breakfast (if I'm there early enough) so that's good.

Weekend was busy too, but not as busy as it should have been (if I was told this was going to be an issue I could have fixed it before the deadline over the weekend. Ah well). I bought a toy - this toy is shiny... An Apple MacBook Pro - yes I've converted. I've been amazingly impressed with it so far; Leopard works well and even though I've been pushing it very hard with all my developer stuff (harder than Vista could cope with on my similar specced tablet) it has coped admirably, and is pretty. Funny enough the thing that's impressed me most isn't so much the OS itself (which I've been impressed with before using Hazel's iMac), but Parallels, which allows me to run windows on top of OS X - not just like vmware, but drag 'n' drop between explorer/finder works, you can open mac files in windows apps, and vice-versa, without loosing any of either interface's niceness - very very impressed. Still will stop being enthusiastic now...

Things at home are good - though I haven't been able to do what I should have done during the week due to busyness. H has had to put up with a lot of stress, and cooking, etc in my absence / stress - thank you love!

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The smaller of my two lovely Red Turquoise discus has been unwell recently - most likely either fin rot, gill flukes, or a combination of the two - I hope he's going to survive, I started treatment with Myzaxin, with no luck, so moved to wormer (Flubendazole), he's perked up in terms of movement, but still is practically black with mucus secretion over his body, and the white flecks are still there, and he's only using one gill at a time - clearly he's still in some pain. I'll do a double dose of the Flubendazole and hope he recovers.

Going to have a relaxing weekend thank goodness. Visiting Wimpole hall with Hazel, Carl and Elaine tomorrow, otherwise have no plans, which is good - I sure need the break!

I'd better go and brave the A14, so that's all for now.
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Stuart said...

How do you actually reliably dispense medicine to one specific fish? (Curious!)