Thursday, January 24, 2008

On a coach, at far too early in the morning

It's just past 5am, and I'm sitting on a coach on the way to Heathrow on the way to San Francisco - I'm awake, so I thought I'd write a blog entry - yawn.

I'm doing it in Flock's blog editor, which at first glance seems pretty nice; we'll see if it stands the test of time and me beating at it with a large stick (aka tables and other complicated HTML).

It's been a little while since I blogged last (as ever) and, as ever, a lot has happened. I'll try to attack it in order, but I expect I'll fail. Live with it.

Firstly, I realise I never mentioned our trip to Wicked in December in my previous post. Hmm - not really impressed. Visually it was amazing, the story was well written and good fun, the music however was uninspiring (read generic and nothing inventive / new) and the sound was positively awful - you shouldn't be straining to hear the words, even if we were up in the upper circle. I think part of this was due to insufficient delay speakers, but most seemed to be just bad mixing. Hrm. Ah well.

Hazel and I had a fun long weekend up in the Peak District with Rocky (Hazel's Cocker Spaniel) - a lovely cottage owned by a really nice couple right in the middle of Bakewell. It was a bit damp, as you can see from the picture but we had a good time. Without dog we probably would have found it easier to do more walking but still - another time!

New Years was fun - we went to 206 after having Tamsin and Ian over for dinner, and (as it turned out) rather too much G&T - sorry Tamsin :) Was a fun evening, but Hazel was out of sorts, and I didn't really feel like staying much after midnight either so was fairly short. Had a good game of Mao, and fun with Ian's comedy ice-cube curling.

Where are we now? Baldock. Ah right, good. Where was I?

Blog. right - have I got to January yet? Oh yes... Well, Pirates. I've been busy. I'm TDing Pirates of Penzance for The Cambridge G&S Society at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, which should be a really good show with a great cast and a fantastic design team - yey!

Hmm, the gate has just opened (I'm in the airport now if you didn't guess) - I suppose I ought to wander in that direction... More later.

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