Sunday, December 23, 2007

Acer x243w on Linux

So I decided to get my nice shiny 24" widescreen monitor working on my linux box.

Wierdly, it doesn't advertise itself to the world as being a 1920x1200 capable monitor, even though it clearly is - so Linux had trouble with it without custom hackary.

I found a really neat tool for windows that gives you the EDID values from all the monitors ever plugged into a windows box - it can be found here.

Then, I plugged these values into a neat X modeline generator, here, and came up with two modelines:

ModeLine "1920x1200@60" 210.68 1920 1952 2752 2784 1200 1224 1236 1261
ModeLine "1920x1200@65" 236.18 1920 1952 2848 2880 1200 1224 1237 1261

The second one, although bang on the 82kHz maximum sync frequency, was noisy - I think 'cos of the KVM I have in the middle of the cable, but the 60Hz one works a treat.

Yey - linux on my desk at work - again.


Christian Ashby said...

UPDATE: It seems this is sensitive to the card it's plugged into, and the monitor:
a) isn't correctly documented in the manual.
b) doesn't give the right EDID information.

With trial and error the only reliable ModeLine I could get to work is:

Modeline "1920x1200@56" 191.49 1920 1952 2672 2704 1200 1225 1236 1261

Ah well. At least it does work, and with an ATI card I can get gentoo on xen running in accelerated mode and not use the world of system RAM - excellent :)

Christian Ashby said...

UPDATE 2: Actually, this modeline only gives 1600x1200 - grr.

More in a later blog about how to do this right! (it finally works!)

Flammon said...

Works great on the latest Ubuntu Hardy. No need to update the xorg.conf file.

gettyless said...

thanks for sharing the Modeline .. better yet, thanks for sharing the perl code.