Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend fun

So, it's been an awesome weekend. Firstly the SoD and Post-P (for those who don't know - 'secret' techie dining / drinking society dinner) - John and I hosted the Post-P at home. Given the numbers that were expected to the dinner (90) hosting the after party was a scary prospect! It turned out not to be at all; only two glasses (hired from Tescos anyway) broken, and no major stains / messes / breakages / fish killings. A lot of debauchery happened though - of an amusing and (from what I could tell) not too controversial nature, which is good - the amount of sharpie used on various people was scary, as was the speed with which we got through the beer (a Firkin of Milton brewery's Sparta in about 4 hours) / brownies (thanks to Tamsin!) / cheese / crisps / other booze. Ian and Tamsin stayed overnight & thanks to their help we got the cleaning done in record time (mutter housemate didn't stay and help, mutter mutter).

Yesterday was spent lying in (until midday - not too bad given we didn't get to bed until about 3am), cleaning the house (only really took a couple of hours), then watching (well, commenting on and criticising) RTTFP with Tamsin, Hazel, Will, John, fajitas and smoothies. Was a nice chilled out evening - just what the doctor ordered after a manic party. Had to leave stupidly early this morning as Hazel had to start work in St Albans at 9am - meh.

I spent the morning taking pics around the town. Not a wonderful day for it, so the photos aren't that special - but I think I got some nice ones anyway. I've included a couple here, and there rest are on Flickr. Haven't acheived much else, but that's not a bad thing to be honest - I ought to get some work done though - and that's what I intend to do soon - once I've put the rabbit stew in the oven (yey! for St Albans market).

I didn't mention that I have new fish - as of last week - 6 Discus (two from Hazel as an early birthday present - thanks very much my love!) They look amazing as a finishing touch to the stocking of my large tank upstairs in the lounge, and have decided me to keep tropical fish in that tank (rather than going for marine, which was a possible option). With luck the Discus will grow to a good age and darken up nicely! Pictures of them (not very good ones - I need to spend more time with my camera and them now they're less nervy) are on Facebook.

Also, the guppies in 'John's' micro (39 L) tank downstairs bred the other day - I put some live Daphnia in the tank and noticed things that weren't daphnia swimming around! As they have a tendancy to eat their young (and Hazel & Will both want Guppies...) I decided to move the parents upstairs to the big tank temporarily where they seem quite happy. The youngsters are growing quite fast; already you can just about differentiate their colours.

Anyway, I have rabbit to stew, so had better sign off. Thanks to all involved for a great weekend anyway!

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