Saturday, November 10, 2007

Opera and brokenness

So Anna, Joy, Hazel, Michael and I went to see Carmen last night at the Coliseum. It was very nicely staged, with an interesting modern approach to the genre (I have to confess I didn't know the opera at all beforehand). However, we were all left a little disappointed by the lack of any real emotion throughout the production - musically the show was excellent, but theatrically it was lacking movement and energy. The modern touches were well used in places, but a little awkward in others - The highlight of these to my mind was the bar setting which used simple fluorescent lighting and blue neon effects to produce a great atmosphere.

The fact that I was in pain throughout the show didn't help - I was taken out by a short but virulent 'flu bug on Tuesday night / all day Wednesday, and as I'd been well and truly 'manipulated' (i.e. cracked) by the Osteopath last Thursday, muscle aching due to the 'flu became really painful backache yesterday and today - fortunately Hazel's ready supply of Syndol helped during the show, and today I'm a little less sore. May have to ask Moraig (the Osteopath) to go gentle on me next week...

I'm chickening out of going to see / do the getout for Fame! at the ADC today - as much as I'd like to help I don't really think I should - I'm bound to break myself if I turn up. Ah well, will sort out things in the house (slowly!) and attempt to finish my accounts - which I _must_ get done this weekend.

Not been too happy over the last couple of days; not really sure why but things are piling up; firstly Laura emailed to say she'd changed her name back to her maiden name - not a problem in itself, but it did come as a bit of a surprise. This prompted me to talk with her about divorce - again something we need to do - it should happen soonish, but not right now I think. Work has been getting me down for a while as well - I just don't feel I've got the enthusiasm for it any more for a number of reasons. I may well be thinking again about whether to move on once the v3 development work is complete. Meh - ah well it will pass I'm sure. I have been happy recently, this is just a blip mainly brought on by nasty painful backness :(.

Right, accounts - must get them done!

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