Sunday, November 04, 2007

Of parties, noise and theatre

So I'm kinda being bullied into this, but I thought it ought to happen anyway.

We had our housewarming here in Girton the last Friday - a very debauched, but good fun evening (cheesecake is always dangerous...). Non-censored photos of the event are on Facebook as their artistic merit didn't really warrant Flickr. Anyway, nothing got broken - the only issue was an inadvertant turning off of the fishtank which – as I was away for the whole of Saturday – resulted in some very cold and chemically unhappy fish. Fortunately (and quite surprisingly as they're normally one of the most hardy fish) I only lost one of the danios when I discovered it on the Sunday. - I dosed the tank, did a water change, and tested the water - it took about 4 days to recover properly in which I didn't feed as much and kept a close eye on it. It's all back to normal now though!

The day after the party was taken up setting up for the CUUEG (Cambridge University Dive Club) 50 year anniversary ball. The gig was fairly simple and good fun to do – lots of toys to play with – JL's digital sound desk, and JK's Vista, along with lots of LED fixtures. (cheap Taiwanese ones, but they were fun nevertheless – It was quite nice to be able to plug them all into one 13A domestic socket with no need to worry about loading) Also it was great to catch up with a few diving types – Kirstin, James D as well as JK, who I hadn't spoken with for quite a while.

Saw James and the Giant Peach at the ADC on Saturday - very good for a kids show I was amused to see Rob Frimstone's costume; which is practically the same as the one he wore for The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Also – why did they use the lampost &ndash A little too much borrowing I feel. Anyway, despite this the show was very good fun. The use of music throughout livened it up a lot, and the characters were enthusiastic and fun. The peach set piece could have looked nicer; the join lines were obvious and the painting not very even, but for a low budget and small amount of get-in time, the show did very well.

Just got back from the ADC, where the Fame! get-in is underway; was helping T with her Sound get-in. It took quite some time to go through the patch, but the solution that we've ended up with I think is a good one. I'm slightly annoyed by sound designers not properly finishing their get-out from the show before, and feel a little sorry for T, whose MD and producer aren't being that helpful; a lot of what's going on has been happening without her say-so – she's been out of the loop on many things. Ah well, such is life I suppose.

Work is going really well. A few minor communication difficulties (things going to quickly mainly, which in itself is a good thing!) came up last week, but I think we have them resolved now, and the developers seem to be back on track. I've got a lot of catch up to do, but we've finally got to the point where we can actually say we have a product that will be delivered to a sensible timeline!

Hazel and I have been seeing a lot of each other – possibly too much given what's happened, but we should be able to work things out – I really do hope things get simpler for her as it's not been easy. Now she has a job (albeit one she doesn't really enjoy) I think that we'll both be able to get the space we need to get things straight in our heads.

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