Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunny California

So, the office gang and I have just been for a company eating/drinking session at Maggianos at Santana Row in Campbell. Very nice it was too - Winston, Reina, Adam, Julie, Rao, Mike, Mark, Matt and Andrew were all there - it was nice to get to know Winston and Reina a little better, and generally to relax and chat with workmates about things other than work. Interestingly the conversation largely concentrated on breaking the law in cars, and marriage (this made me feel old - worrying given the age of half of the people around me - ah well!)

The week so far here in the office has been fairly busy, but not as bad as it could have been. Got a shiny PIX box that's going to take a while to configure, but it should work well. I think I'll take it back to Cambridge & configure it there then get another for the CA office. I also have a shiny VoIP phone (with a customizable linux kernel - how overspecced can you get?) which works remarkably well and will be great to have both at home and in the office for cheap international calls, etc. Otherwise, v3 development is getting annoying; it seems there's no way to do what we want (I may blog more about this in the Spiralinks blog to avoid boring normal people). Ah well - we can work around it just am slightly annoyed (as is Adam who's spent far longer on the problem than I have).

I've also been shopping - I bought a new compact camera to replace (well donate to mum for a 'fee') my Olympus, which is a little annoying as it's quite slow to respond compared with newer models. Also got John a new lens, and me a new tarty air mouse. Should stop buying things... To my credit most of them aren't for me... Well, most of them... Ah well.

My project on the flight back to Toronto tommorrow is to ensure I can transport Hugh's new electric double bass (don't ask) on the flight - a little scared about it, but hey I said I'd transport it for him.

Enjoying it out here, but really want to go home - missing Hazel already & quite looking forward to having more time at home now the ABN project has gone live & most of the issues are ironed out - really need to get the garden planted before the winter (don't I sound domesticated?) and have to get things ready for our housewarming party!

And I really need to go home; am listening to a stupid American radio station talking about sex - the current question is 'if the man masterbates a lot does he perform less well in bed' (or words to that affect - it's only 10pm!)


postJazz said...

*looks at the mouse link*

Tart. Did you justify that AT ALL??

Yes, it's cool. Still a tart. :-P.

Come home soon.

Christian Ashby said...

Well, I needed a mouse
It was on offer, and cheaper than it would have been in the UK
And John L has one...
Also, seriously, I do frequently do presentations to clients - it is v useful for that at least...

postJazz said...

Yeah. Right. Sure. So long as I get to play with it.