Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The other side of the pond

So, I've just spent a lovely few days with my extended family in Tottenham, Ontario - I went with my Grandmother to visit her sister and family in their house. It was really nice to see them, and have a relaxing couple of days in the house and sightseeing.

We spent a lovely day visiting Saint Marie among the Hurons; an interesting historical site not least because it's entire history is only ten years long. The site was founded 1639 by French Jesuit missionaries travelling from Quebec to find new converts in the South (the Huron nation). After a while in which they gained a significant amount of trust and mutual respect from the local Wendat people, they found they had sparked malcontent between them and the Iroquois, and so were forced to retreat back along the gruelling 30 day canoe journey.

Otherwise, we spent most of the time talking, playing Bocci & other games, and generally relaxing in the Browns' (huge!) property. I flew out to California yesterday for work leaving Grandma with the Browns - I return at the end of the week on the red-eye on Friday.

Things at work are quite interesting at the moment, with much planning and thinking to be done on the new software version. With luck we'll be on schedule to roll the new software out to the next client (AIMCO) this year.

Anyway, it's getting late, I'd better get in my car and head back to the house. More when I return to England I'm sure.

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postJazz said...

I'm very impressed my dear, two posts in one day! I sort of need to update mine, but whatever I say I know will hurt Andy. Bah. I'm thinking of arranging some sort of Cam-based birthday. Ideas?