Thursday, August 16, 2007

Week of madness

Well, it's been quite a week. Work has been an utter mare; what we had hoped (were assured) would be delivered by our external development team frankly wasn't good enough, and we had to start again – two weeks work had to be delivered in two days. Adam – our new employee – definately had a baptism of fire – he and Matt have been brilliant and through working a number of 20hr or so days got the thing out. I had to do a couple of those as well for the admin functionality I've been working with. Anyway, the upshot of this madness is that (finally) the client are reasonably happy with us. There's still a lot to do, but that's work deadlines for you!

Work is generally a bit difficult at the moment; I think we need to see a lot of changes if I'm going to remain with the company for much longer – I'm very keen to get a resource here in Cambridge so I can be more productive as an account / project manager rather than getting bogged down in coding. That said, I think now we have a more expert team in CA this will be easier, but I spend so much time on support calls / simple development stuff that I'm not able to spend the time that I should do micromanaging (or at least properly managing) projects. Management are making the right noises in this direction, so with luck things will be looking up soon. Am going to stick it out for the time being (despite what I may have been ranting about at the weekend...) – I said I'd give it a year before making any rash decisions, and I will.

Anyway, real life – I'm off to Edinburgh for the fringe tommorrow evening – fortunately Hazel's hitching a lift and/or helping with the driving so I can be prodded if I fall asleep too much. Can't wait to be up there again; I really miss both the city (although I like the city life in Cambridge as well, so that's kinda OK) and more importantly, the countryside – will definately jump in the river at Roslin glen over a weekend, and I hope to spend a day or so walking the other weekend – work permitting (I have 8hrs or so to do – sob). However, I'm mainly there for the shows, and having bumped into Sam today have a few more on my list that I want to go see (although I've forgotten them already – need to get him to tell me again by email!).

I am actually meant to be working when I'm up there, and Alex tells me that there's a wifi hotspot within ether distance of the flat, so that's easy. Black Medicine and/or the Bedlam bar will probably be a favourite spot when I'm bored of the flat / need coffee though.

Had an amazing weekend walking with Anna up in the Lakes; really needed the break (and physical exertion) preceeding the week I had! We didn't get there 'till late - very late – too late for the hostel to be open - Doh! We called about 15 different hotels and eventually found this one which not only had rooms available, but was actually lovely, and at a reasonable price (we nearly considered staying there another night, but thought the better of it!). We started the weekend by climbing Lough Rigg fell, which is a good starter walk, and followed it up with dinner in the fabulous Glass House restaurant in Ambleside – thoroughly recommended (unfortunately we couldn't afford the £500 bottle of wine...).

Sunday was going to be climbing Helvellyn, but due to the conditions we decided against it. Striding edge is lovely in good weather, but really not fun if visibility is reduced. Instead, we climbed the Old Man of Coniston from Coniston village and a lovely day it was too. The weather wasn't too great; the peak and ridge down was in cloud, rain and heavy wind for a significant part of the walk, but we had reasonable kit with us, so didn't get too miserable. Photos are online here!

I'd better get back to the grindstone. Expect lots of reviews soon from the fringe!

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Stuart said...

Yay to Black Medicine, who do a discount for Pleasance crew :). Yay also to the Brass Monkey around the corner :)

D'oh, now *I'm* missing Edinburgh too...:(