Sunday, January 01, 2006

Past shows

Christ's Hospital

11/12/97Big Band Concert
 Lighting Design
25/6/98 – 26/6/98Fashion Show
 Chief LX
1/7/98Big Band Concert
 Sound Engineer
4/12/98 – 5/12/98 + TourAnthony and Cleopatra (Shakespeare)
 DSM + Tour Sound Operator
12/10/99 – 13/10/99Widowers' Houses (Bernard Shaw)
  Venue Electrician / Lighting OperatorThe National Theatre
11/11/99 – 12/11/99The Crucible (Arthur Miller)
 Lighting Design, DSM
2/12/99 – 3/12/99A View from The Bridge (Arthur Miller)
 Sound Design
5/7/00Big Band Concert
 Sound Engineer


6/11/01 – 10/11/01Ecstasy (Mike Leigh)
 Technical Director, Stage ManagerNew Court Theatre, Christs -CADS
20/11/01 – 1/12/01The Scarlet Pimpernel
 Assistant Sound CrewADC Theatre -ADC /Footlights
12/1/02 – 14/1/02Henry VI Part III (Shakespeare)
 Technical DirectorTrinity College Great Hall -Dryden
  • Pictures on Ed Ratzer's (LD) web page
  • 5/2/02 – 9/2/02Black Comedy (Peter Shaffer)
     Technical DirectorADC Theatre -ETG
    19/2/02 – 23/2/02The Chairs (Eugéne Ionesco)
     Technical DirectorQueens' College Fitzpatrick Hall – ECKO
  • Pictures on Ed Ratzer's (LD) web page
  • 26/2/02 – 2/3/02Macbeth (Shakespeare)
     Production ElectricianCambridge Arts Theatre -Marlowe
    22/6/02York Mystery Plays
     Technical DirectorKing's College – MEADs
    15/10/02 – 19/10/02Last of the Red Hot Lovers (Neil Simon)
     Technical DirectorADC Theatre –CAST
    5/11/02 – 5/11/02Mother Courage and her Children (Bertolt Brecht)
     Co-Technical Director (With Tristan Booth)ADC Theatre –ADC
    26/11/02 – 7/12/02The Silliad (Pantomime)
     Sound DesignerADC Theatre –ADC /Footlights
    4/12/02 – 7/12/02Impromime (Lateshow)
     Sound DesignerADC Theatre –The Uncertainty Devision
    24/2/03Shock and Droll
     Technical DirectorADC Theatre Bar –Val Widdowson
    24/2/03Moscow Cheryomuschki (Dimitri Shostakovich)
     Chief ElectricianNew Hall Dome –New Hall
    12/4/03 – 13/4/03Bedbound
     Lighting DesignerNSDF, Scarborough –Readout Theatre (formally Ecko)
    8/9/03 – 13/9/03Ruddigore
     Sound DesignerThe Minack Theatre, CornwallCambridge G&S Society
    5/12/03 – 20/12/03 (Tour)
    13/1/04 – 17/1/04 (Home Run)
    Much Ado About Nothing
     Technical DirectorVarious venues around Europe and ADC Theatre –ETG
    13/1/06 – 17/1/06Oklahoma!
     Sound DesignerCambridge Arts Theatre –CUMTS
    10/9/07 – 15/10/07HMS Pinafore
     Executive Sound DesignerThe Minack Theatre, CornwallCambridge G&S Society
    11/2/08 – 16/2/08Pirates of Penzance
     Technical DirectorCambridge Arts Theatre – Cambridge G&S Society


    10/11/03 – 2004FAME! The Musical
     Deputy Sound TechnicianAldwych Theatre

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